One Beach, One Hour, One Mile, One Bag


This work documents found items discovered along a stretch of the Suffolk coastline in England - challenging our perspective of natural habitats.

 A stroll along the shoreline in search of remnants. Traces of human activity - forgotten clothing, a baby’s bottle top, a glasses case, dog excrement in a bag, take aways, a pen, a lighter. Dead fish sit among the human debris.

On return from the beach, walking back along the sea parade – construction and development works present themselves.

In a renowned area of natural beauty, an environment for wildlife,  a place to unwind and enjoy -  humans leave their traces accidental or intentional. Who will take responsibility?  Too little or inevitably too late to repair and rewind. One mile of the British Coast is a speck in the world crisis for the preservation of our seas, oceans, natural habitats and food chain. Is this our legacy - what we wish to leave behind?